Mia Clerc

In 2018 at the Pyeong Chang Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, Mia Clerc became the first female athlete to represent Madagascar at the Winter Olympics...she was also chosen to be the flag bearer at the opening ceremony.

A year later Mia went on to become the first African woman to ever qualify for a second run at the World Championships in Åre, Sweden.

Mia's story is a unique and fascinating one, that should act as an inspiration for anyone following their passion.

Born in Madagascar, Mia grew up in France with her adopted family and a sister, also an adoptee by the same family but from a different Malagasy family. Mia's biological mother still lives there with her three older brothers, whilst her two sisters were also adopted. Mia tries to visit her biological family in Madagascar wherever possible, but following her passion of skiing at the highest level makes it tricky to do as much as she would like.

Mia's Journey

But Mia still feels the full support of her family from a distance in pursuit of her dream. This sacrifice has however allowed Mia to travel and experience a lot of the world at a young age, and she continues to dedicate herself to this pursuit. Mia represented her country for a second time at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, as she very much continues to live out her dream.

Music keeps Mia happy away from the racecourse and she also see's a future in fashion as a designer after her skiing career has come to an end. 

We're proud to have Mia representing our brand, and in her own words this is what Oneskee stands for to her;

"Daring to be different makes us UNIQUE and we only become unique when we have courage enough to be ourselves. I chose Oneskee not because I wanted to be different but because I AM DIFFERENT. Oneskee made me even more unique with its originality and this is what I’m looking for: If you do things differently, you become Original."

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