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Writer and expert2 years ago
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Oneskee launched in 2014 and has come a long way since then. We go back and take a quick look at the evolution of our products throughput the years ahead of the release of our seventh collection this winter. 


The initial idea was very simple, make a onesie for the mountains and reinvent the retro all-in-one look with a modern twist. It’s where our brand name came from and the first concept for the original Oneskee snow suit. Looking back at it is a bit like looking back at your old personal photos, they provoke fond memories, but you can also see how far you’ve come and be proud of what you’ve achieved. It will always be the suit that signifies the start of an incredible journey, as it will for two of our customers who got married in them! 


It might have been on a small scale at this stage, but we saw a really positive initial reaction to the brand which gave us belief in what we were doing and where we wanted it to go. The industry as a whole and the outerwear on offer all seemed a bit similar and as though it needed freshening up - we thought fashion on the mountains was all about standing out and being bold. At this stage we decided we needed to make even more of a statement, so we upped our design game. We also switched up our logo at this stage as we felt the initial concept was too ski orientated, and we wanted Oneskee to be for everyone who was brave enough to stand out from the crowd. 


Now people were really starting to notice the brand, which was great, but we didn’t want to just be that loud brand that simply stands out from the crowd - we want people to appreciate that unique style doesn’t have to mean a compromise on quality. This season saw us create by far our most technical and quality feeling suits so far, which also retained that stand out style we were starting to be renowned for. The return of the one piece ski suit in a new modern format was well underway by now. 


The fourth generation of Oneskee suits would see the final year of the full length hood zip. It was never particularly practical, unless stationary and caught in a really bad snow storm…but it served its purpose as a feature that gave the suit an authentic onesie feel and added that modern twist on a traditionally retro outfit. The suits were very much a continuation and development of the previous season as we didn’t want to change something that was working well too much. We continued building a reputation for simple stand out style combined with high quality technical fabrics, and our loyal following was growing. If Carlsberg did ski gear… 


Time for our most technical suit to date, the Mark IV snow suit. We stepped up the quality once more with this one, nothing too drastic but an improved, softer feel with some minor details enhancing the suit even more. We were constantly learning from customer feedback and the reaction to certain styles, and we remain dedicated to reacting and evolving to try and offer the best collection we possibly can to our customers. What we will always do is stay true to what we are, the modern one piece snow brand combing style and quality, whilst daring to be different and standing out from the crowd. 


Last season saw the introduction of our Original Pro suit, a hybrid of our Mark IV and Original suits from the previous season. We went back to offering our customers a more simple one stop shop for all of their one piece ski suit needs. We did miss having the more premium quality product to offer to our followers, and I think they missed it too. But without innovation and trying new things you’ll never know when you’ve truly cracked the code. It’s important to never regret trying new things but to also make sure you learn from them when you do, even if it doesn’t work out exactly as you’d imagined. We’ve done that. 


So what does the latest collection have in store? Well there is definitely the return of the Mark V in addition to the new and improved Original Pro. Beyond that you will have to wait and see, but you won’t have to wait too much longer… 

Writer and expert
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