100 Years of Ski Suit Fashion

Think you’ve got the retro look on lock? Forget about it. This awesome video produced by The Colorado Ski and Snowboarding Muesuem and Massif Media takes a nostalgic look back at the fashion from the slopes from the past 100 years. Showing us just how far Ski Suits and skiing gear has evolved over time.

As much as we live for hitting the peaks and lapping it up in gorgeous scenery. It’d be a whole lot more difficult if it weren’t for our modern day, high tech, temperature regulating Ski Suits. There’s a lot to be said for those early pioneers of our sports, lapping it up in woolen trousers, leathers boots and even dresses. They must’ve really wanted that powder just as badly as we do today!

Take a look at the video and let us know your favourite era in the comments. Personally, we’ve got a soft spot for those dudes in 80’s, with their big hair, great music and incredible Onesie Ski Suits. But then again, why wouldn’t we?