The Anatomy of a Ski Jumpsuit: What you need to know

The last five years has seen a resurgence in ski jumpsuits also branded as ‘Onesies’, which had been out of fashion since the 1980’s. The new skiing and snowboarding generation have been crawling through their parents’ attics and dusting off the retro one piece ski clothing so they can impress at apres ski. Oneskee have again been busy creating you a more up to date garment which suits the modern needs for winter sports, but what exactly makes a perfect ski jumpsuit?



“Sick threads brah!”


Jumpsuit Origin

What comes to mind when you think of the word jumpsuit? Tom Cruise first making them cool in Top Gun or perhaps the searing orange in American prisons. Parachuters and Skydivers first wore the functional one piece garments which makes them perfect for skiers. Sky divers operate at high altitude, although ideally they end up on the ground, and require clothing that insulates them from cold. The full bodied fit keeps you warm and stops any uninvited objects out, including snow, offering great protective qualities.


  1. Jumpsuit Style

When you acquire a jumpsuit for skiing the fashion headaches disappear. Your outerwear instantly become coordinated, no more mix and match of you ski jackets and pants. Slip on your one piece and you’re good to go. Ski jumpsuits can draw similarities with prison jumpsuits when it comes to the styling. The bright orange used in America is for practical reasons of identification and high visibility. This trait is mimicked on the piste to make sure you stand out from the crowd and so you are unmistakeable in those all important holiday photos.

A little tip, the seamless full fit of a ski jumpsuit has a slimming effect gifting you a flattering look.


  1. Ski Jumpsuit Technology

Combining the features of a jumpsuit and modern winter sports technology is a no brainer. Oneskee use leading materials and fabrics to provide you with optimum performance. Built with enhanced weather-proof SnowSense outer fabric provides extreme waterproofing and breathability in all weather conditions. New Thermolite padding gives warmth and comfort without weighing you down and Recco Avalanche System is sewn into the suit.

When you have extreme waterproofing, light weight insulation and throw in some avalanche safety it is hard to find a more ideal piece of clothing for skiing and snowboarding.

The only con, they take a few seconds to unzip, don’t get caught short on the way to the loo!