Essential Guide: What To Pack For Your Skiing Holiday

Knowing what to pack for your ski holiday can be a daunting task, especially for the first time skier daunted by the amount of necessary ski wear required for a great trip. You may have many questions on what essentials you will need for your trip. Here is a comprehensive list of what you need to make your holiday a success.

Ski Gear
Outerwear – A Oneskee all in one ski suit.

Ski Gloves – you will NOT survive without them.

Ski Socks – Modern ski socks are shaped, padded and use technical fibres to keep your foot dry and warm.

Ski Helmet – Don’t be silly. Put your safety first.

Eyewear – It will be very bright at some point on the snow so sunglasses are a minimum. A lot of people wear ski goggles in all conditions.

Thermals – If you’re skiing in the middle of winter then it is worth considering for extra warmth.

Buff/Facemask – Buffs are great to keep warm and convert to headbands for apres ski.

Jumpers – You might want to layer up under your outwear to get that ‘nice and toasty like a cinnamon bun’ feel.



Casual – Warm casual clothing is a good start. A thick jumper and trousers are useful if you head out and about from you chalet in the evening, and are also nice and comfortable when relaxing after a big day on the slopes. If you are short on luggage space your ski jacket will be great for all occasions on and off the snow.

Shoes – Solid waterproof shoes are always great, there is likely to be snow on the ground around town so keep your feet nicely worm and dry.

Hat – A beanie of choice to keep your noggin cosy.

Underwear – Don’t forget.

Fancy Dress – In case you’re feeling fancy one evening.



Suncream – Keep those pesky UV rays at bay, it so so so easy to get burnt even if it’s cloudy.

Aftersun – The elements can be harsh. In high winds and strong sunshine you’ll want to keep your skin tip-top condition.

Lip Balm – You don’t want those chapped lips just in case that ski instructor you’re chatting too wants a cheeky kiss.

Hip-Flask – Your liqueur of choice to keep your spirits high and your body warm.

Backpack – It can be good to share a bag between people in a group so you are not skiing all day with a backpack.

Toothbrush – For your teeth.

Camera – To show everyone how great your life is.

Selfie Stick – For that all important ‘sponsor me’ video.


The Oneskee Ski Holiday Packing Guide Simplified

You could of course just spend every waking and sleeping second in your Oneskee ski suit?

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