Crazy Streetwear Photography – US West Coast

Meet Alex…he’s crazy (but good crazy).


Photo cred:

We stumbled across Alex on Instagram doing lots of mad things, but ultimately what caught our eye was some of the most creative content we’d seen on the platform.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of great young creators out there these days, with a number of great platforms to share their content on, it’s a very diluted market in 2018. But this is just a young guy, with limited resources living his passion & creating his dream. And we think he’s doing a pretty good job.

Never mind girls in front of mirrors with cheesy captions, this kid is creating stuff that let’s be honest looks so good it should be photoshopped…it’s definitely not by the way!

We approached Alex to collaborate with us on our street style inspired casual clothing range for Spring/Summer 2018, & we’re pleased to say he said yes.



The story is pretty cliché I suppose – skip double Maths at school, nip to a well known US city, sneak into some really tall buildings with top security, take some awesome photos before you get caught…& all in time to be back for History.

We’ve all been there no?

The first instalment of this collaboration comes from the West Coast of America. Specifically the bright lights of LA & the home of Ron Burgundy, none other than San Diego….


Thanks Alex & keep up the great work.

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