Oneskee Mark II

We are proud to present the latest version of our signature product, the Oneskee Ski Suit. ‘Oneskee Mark II’ is not a replacement for the ‘Oneskee Original’ but rather a second generation of the product.

We have used the past year to develop the product through customer feedback, expert opinion & some extensive product testing in Tignes to make over 19 updates to the product. The launch of ‘Oneskee Original’ had a fantastic reception but we also received a whole host of constructive feedback from those who purchased ‘Oneskee Original’ & those who were planning to invest this season.

There are too many developments to run through all of them individually, so we have picked a few key ones that came about by popular demand. There is a brand new range of colours and designs, from pink to camo, we have added a much wider variety and plan to introduce many more in time. For this year we have scrapped unisex sizing and have introduced specific men’s& women’s sizing to improve the fit for our customers. Another note worthy change is the padding, this has been reduced and the entire structure of the suit now ensures a much more regulated body temperature for all conditions.