Oneskee North Pole Expedition

Since our launch in 2014, Oneskees have been taking over peaks and parks all over the world; from the Alps to the Rockies, we’ve been leading the comeback of the one piece ski suit with our stand-out designs and our superb functionality. The time has now come for the ultimate test – the North Pole.

Last Pole is an ambitious documentary being produced by The Three Wise Monkeys Productions team, set to follow a team of explorers to the as-yet uncharted, Northern Pole of Inaccessibility. The project will track explorer Jim McNeill as he travels on an epic 80-day journey to the Pole, the point on the planet that marks the spot in the Arctic Ocean that is the furthest from any land. A point that to date has not been reached on foot by man.

There were many things for the team to plan and prepare for the shoot including keeping their equipment protected and warm enough to operate in the harsh conditions – something that was also quite high on the agenda for themselves.

IMG_0520Oneskee ski suit Svalbard feature film productionIMG_0521Keeping warm in conditions as low as -27C is easier said than done and after searching online for a number of solutions, producer Trish Rybarczyk and her team came across Oneskee one piece ski suits. As a lightweight, weatherproof, one-piece suit, it ticked all the boxes for practicality and protection that they were looking for.

Trish says, “During our recent training in Svalbard, in preparation for the shoot, we were fully protected from the snow and the wind, and the lightweight qualities of the suit made a huge difference to us, especially as we were lugging around so much kit.”

The full expedition, and shoot, takes place in Feb 2018. It will start from Resolute in Canada and will last for a total of 80 days where the temperature is set to drop to a ridiculous -40C. The full feature film will then start production set for a release later in the year.

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