Oneskee and RECCO® – keeping you safe on the slopes

Every skier and snowboarder’s worst nightmare – you’re lapping it up off piste, seeking out some fresh powder and then the earth moves. Literally.

Although a relatively rare occurrence at our modern day ski resorts, Avalanches can, and do, happen, and are not to be taken lightly. They always pose a very real threat no matter safe we try to be.

With that in mind, we are proud to announce that our up and coming AW 2016 range of All in One Ski Suits for Ski Men and Women will include the RECCO® Avalanche rescue system as standard. Comprised of a two reflectors sewn into garment at the hood and calf, RECCO® technology makes you searchable to professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche accident.

The RECCO avalanche protection system in use

Introduced in 1983 the system has been adopted globally by ski resorts, helicopter skiing operations, and search and rescue organizations as an additional and important tool for avalanche rescue. RECCO® technology is utilized throughout Europe, Japan and North America, and a growing number of South America and New Zealand sites. Using RECCO® technology, professional rescuers can quickly pinpoint a buried person’s precise location using harmonic radar.

The RECCO® reflector is a small band-aid sized, passive electronic transponder and weighs in at less than four grams. It is a non powered device, so it never needs to be switched on, doesn’t lose signal strength and needs no batteries to function. As the reflector is permanently fixed to the inside of each Oneskee Ski Suit it means it’ll never be left in your car or at the lodge. Ensuring you are protected at all times.

We can now be counted alongside with more than 200 worldwide manufacturers that incorporate RECCO reflectors into their outerwear, ski and snowboard boots, protection gear and helmets. Proud to be keeping you safe every time you step foot on the slopes.

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