Snow Kiting with Oneskee

Snow Kiting (or Ski Kiting) is still a comparatively new sport and has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Easier to learn than kiteboarding on water, and with dedicated schools and training centres popping up all over the globe, it is steadily growing in popularity.

Needing only a kite, some wind, and a snow covered area, you don’t need to drive to a resort or to pay to get to the top of a mountain every time you want to ride, so it’s easy to see the appeal.

So where does Oneskee fit in?


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Oneskee brand ambassador Dan Akdogan – smooth operator


The Oneskee all in one ski suit is actually perfect for those involved in the sport due to a number of factors:

It keeps you dry
First and foremost, Oneskee’s full-length functionality means that snow has a very low chance of getting anywhere near the inside of the suit. Due to nature of the snowkiting, a lot of time is spent sitting or laying, waiting for some wind to catch your kite before you can cruise the terrain. With traditional jackets measures have to be taken in order to prevent this, otherwise, you suffer that God awful feeling of cold wet snow inching its way down your back! With Oneskee you simply pop the hood, zip up, and kiss goodbye to ever feeling the chill.

It’s highly durable
As a lot of time is spent sitting or laying, durability is incredibly important. Oneskee is constructed with incredibly hard wearing SnowSense Fabric. Made up of tightly woven Nylon Taffeta fibres – it not only protects you from the cold external conditions, but it stays looking its absolute best.

It’s great at keeping you warm
Keeping the wet and cold weather to keep you out is one thing, but where Oneskee is really beneficial is in its heat regulation capabilities. Featuring 100gsm Thermolite padding, that is both lightweight and flexible, the Oneskee all in one ski suit regulates your internal temperature in all conditions, particularly when you are very active.

The Thermolite padding works with your body heat to create an insulating layer of heat whilst always maintaining a comfortable level. Working with the inner lining, excess moisture and heat are wicked away from your body to be evaporated via the highly breathable SnowSense outer shell.

It stays put
Featuring gaiters and velcro adjusters at the cuffs and ankles, Oneskee has been designed to stay put and to block snow from entering at any point. This makes it particualarly ideal for snow kiting where the harness – and indeed the kite – exert a lot of pull forces which would typically call for a lot of re-adjusting. Wearers of Oneskee appreciate how anchored it stays now matter how hectic the activity.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Two of our very own brand ambassadors, Daniel Akdogan and Natalie Kremer, are big, bigs fans of snow kiting and have been sporting Oneskees long before we invited them to become a part of our team. Here’s what they have to say about why they love wearing a Oneskee:

“After a couple of years of snowkiting, we were bored of being wet and cold every time on the remote spots here in the alps, so we were searching for a solution which keeps us warm and dry in any conditions we want to ride. Especially when you start to snowkite, you’ll find yourself often in 1m+ powder in the middle of a flat area and you have a hard time to come back when the wind drops or something is wrong with your kite, so for sure you will get wet and cold. And mostly there is no restaurant or hut nearby, which makes it worse!

We surfed the internet and after a while, we found oneskee and immediately loved the idea of it. A one piece suit for snowkiting could be the best solution for all our problems. We ordered ours instantly and have loved them ever since. We immediately contacted the Oneskee dudes and told them how happy we are with our new stuff and we were privileged to have them invite us to be Ambassadors for their company!”


Choosing the right gear

A quick Google will give you all you need to find out more about Snow Kiting and how you can get involved, but here are some of the sites we recommend that can point you in the right direction for gear:

But of course, you are going to need to get yourself a Oneskee to make the most of your time!

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