Top 10 European Ski and Snowboard Blogs

We’ve compiled our favourite ski blogs and snowboard blogs; So it’s time to fill your coffee cup and catch up on everything skiing and snowboarding has going. Get lost in adventure stories to inspire, chilling snow reports and a smattering of seasonaire misbehaviour.



The mad world of British university snowsports is explained, curated and analysed by Line-S. You’ll be shocked at the extent of what goes on in the muddy hills in Scotland at the British University Dryslope Championships. The visually enticing ski and snowboard blog has stunning pictures, dreamy pillow lines and a little look into the murky seasonaire ecosystem.



They are here to stick your head down the toilet and flush it with inspiration. ‘The Home of Freeskiing’  rock ski videos all day, everyday. Just listening to California Dreaming, the sound track of Revival which is featured by Downdays is a great time.


Melon Optics

The brand that came along to shake up sunglasses and goggles, they opened the back door to the internet and said ‘come on in and ride with us’. Unsurprisingly, Melon produce a ski blog that rivals their product. Check them out for multiple stories from how they come to create their different elements along with ‘The Melon Chronicles’.


Style Altitude

It’s filled with fresh energy and enthusiasm; Style Altitude has exactly that in abundance. Get lost in authentic stories, tips and interviews that will recharge your stoke. A kick in the teeth to the old tired ski blogs retreating alone to mountain hut. They live and breath the mountains in ‘style’.


Ongosa Explore

A company committed to giving skiers, snowboarders and mountaineers unique and useful ideas, information and inspiration to help them on their way. You won’t come away from their ‘Explore’ ski blog without knowing something new. No matter your ski level Ongosa have helpful advice from your first ski trip to finding your buddy in an avalanche.


Mad Dog Ski Blog

Their large roster of writers ensure the blog is up to date with all the latest interesting industry news. Find in depth features from around The Alps of France, Switzerland and Austria with the odd hat tip to the Pyrenees. They have all the ‘Snow-How’, get it?, you could ever need.


Snow Guide

An experienced blog that guides through everything you want to know for your next ski holiday. Reviewing all the big ski resorts, cooking recipes to keep you fuelled up or the odd pointer to improve your skiing and snowboarding, Snow Guide provides helpful, realistic advice, tips and stories. There url is great too, simply:


Weather To Ski

If you want to be a good skier, you need to become an amateur meteorologist. Explaining to other ‘lesser’ skiers and snowboarders why the incoming weather patterns will create the next snow dump is important. Find current snow conditions and weather forecasts across The Alps; Weather To Ski is your cheat sheet, gather all your informed opinions here to regurgitate over a morning croissant.



A website that covers a whole lot more than skiing and snowboarding, Mpora covers all things adventure sports. However, their winter sports section is a highlight.  They take a different look at the world, ready to make you giggle, scratch your head or, even better, make you pick up your snow gear and say ‘I want to do that’. Check out their long reads for to really amp up your travel goals.


Lorne Cameron

Personal blogs can get buried in an avalanche of social media, marketing and click bait. Reading Lorne’s ski blog is a fresh throw back, mixing his experiences, opinions and personal life with snow. A man with his skis and sometimes a muddy mountain bike.

“Same-day no-bullshit snow reports from around the Chamonix valley”


Oneskee Blog

We have to throw in an 11th blog here. Our very own Oneskee ski and snowboard blog. You already know about that though, seeing as you’ve made it this far. Have a look at what we’ve been up too here. There is so much to come with ski resort advice, blueprints for killing apres ski, and we might just get a bit silly too.


Share your favourite ski and snowboard blogs with us. Let us know if you have your own blog that you think deserves a shout out. If you are talking about us use #oneskee on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts.