Top 10 North American Ski Blogs

North America, with it’s wide range of resorts and snow conditions coupled with modern technology, is attractive for all skier and you can’t but help but cast an envious eye upon the wealth of options. Like their ski resorts, the North American ski and snowboard blogs have something for everyone. A wealth of backcountry skiing expertise, family ski counselling and internet collaboration. These are the Top 10 North American ski and snowboard blogs.

Wild Snow

Wild Snow is a distinguished tekkie backcountry ski blog that any off piste explorer should know about. Written by experienced mountaineer Lou Dawson, the website has in depth resources, gear reviews and history. Read avalanche stories, pick up an inspiring backcountry quote or browse the ‘Ski Binding Museum’, it’s intriguing.

Unofficial Networks

The ski bum’s guide has grown since it’s creation to become a leading blog for local information, news and entertainment from the skiing universe. Be the first to know about innovative and weird equipment on the market, local weather news for the large North American ski resorts and even order a ‘Ski Pole Plunger from their store.

Ski Diva

A blog and community created specifically for women who love to ski; the Ski Diva Blog has reviews and suggestions about ski related products. Along with equipment reviews and ski tips, Wendy Clinch also finds unique products for women to show off their love of snow. Jewellery and handbags included.

The Brave Ski Mom

A mother of a ski mad family started this fantastic ski blog which is born from her two loves, family and skiing. Amusing, entertaining and informative Brave Ski Mom is on hand to calm your stormy family holidays, help save money and generally make your ski days better. If you are a ski mom you may want to get one of the stickers and join the revolution.


The passionate skiing website that serve up great lift ticket prices just want to help. Their blog just beams tips and guides everywhere you look. Help in finding snow, getting prepared and more importantly post skiing tips, what would apes ski be without the creation of a homemade shot ski. Don’t worry Liftopia have their ultimate shot ski building guide.


Newschoolers have perfected the online community spirit with their open media website. It run’s as a ‘communal blog’ where the world can share, create and discuss. Some believe that Newschoolers were pacing around waiting room when the internet was born. The founder Matt Harvey has been bringing skiers together since the last millennium.

Crystal Ski Patrol

The Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol write an ski blog providing first hand professional advice. The heart warming original character is what sets these patrollers apart. They talk and post pictures from what the team are up to through the season. They show that the ski patrol are people. Ski patrollers matter.

Wasatch Snow Forecast

A Top 10 Ski Blog list wouldn’t be complete without the weather experts, Wasatch Snow Forecast. The blog strives to use Evan Thayers meteorology obsession to snow forecast for Utah. Evan has the ability to explain the science behind the weather system. Check this blog before your next ski trip, you’ll be educating your lesser ski buddies about North West flow.

Harald Harb Ski Blog

When you talk about finding a niche, Harald Hard has nailed it with his ski blog. Skiing out of Colorado, the blog has in depth technical talk on ski techniques, you can find educational information, equipment and products to raise ski performance.

Oneskee Ski and Snowboard Blog

We have finish up with our very own Oneskee ski and snowboard blog. You already know about that though seeing as you’ve made it this far. Have a look at what we’ve been up too here. There so much to come with North America ski resort advice, blueprints for killing apes ski and we might just get a bit silly too.

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