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Skiing vs Snowboarding – A Real Rivalry

Skiing vs Snowboarding – A Real Rivalry
Writer and expert20 days ago
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For years there has been a rivalry between skiing and snowboarding. But where has this snowboarding vs skiing grudge stemmed from? Why is this still ongoing? And what’s our opinion on it?  

From the history of snowboarding to cultural differences between the sports, we will fill you in on the unspoken grudge between skiers and snowboarders, and why we should put differences aside and equally respect each other out on the mountains. 

The History of Snowboarding 

Inspired by skateboarding, in the 1980s, snowboarding started to become more popular. With the wild and unfiltered style of snowboarding, the riders began to build a reputation for themselves and were labelled dangerous. Most ski resorts across the world banned snowboards due to complaints from skiers. 

But in the 1990s, the snowboard design developed and safety features were added. With boards now seen to be much safer, the love for the daring sport grew and mountain resorts were open to riders. 

Nowadays, most skiers and snowboarders use the slopes in harmony. Although, some snowboarders still have a lasting grudge against skiers from when they were banished from the slopes. 

The cultural differences between Snowboarder and Skier 

The freedom of snowboarding and the technicality of skiing are opposite cultural approaches to winter sports. These differences have caused feuds between adrenaline-junkie snowboarders and skill-led skiers. As skiing is a traditional mountain sport, many were surprised when youthful and adventurous snowboarders started on the slopes in the 90s. The rebellious spirit from snowboarders upset many skiers. Especially with the increase of snowboards on the slopes, skiers became frustrated as they were not used to manoeuvring past snowboarders’ wide, powdery, and choppy turns.  

Which is Easier: Snowboarding or Skiing? 

Another frequent feud on the slopes is whether it’s easier to snowboard or ski. Although the sports are technically very different, we think it takes the same amount of dedication to excel in either sport. It all comes down to your commitment. But regardless, if it's your first time to these snowsports, you'll require snowboarding and ski lessons to help you get used to the slopes.  

Mountain Etiquette 

At Oneskee, we accept both skiers and snowboarders and make one piece ski & snow suits to provide ultimate comfort for any winter sport preference. The fact is, everyone should be respectful on the slopes no matter the snowsport. So, to quash arguments before they start, make sure to follow our top tips for mountain etiquette next time you're in the snow.  

1. Take on The Right Terrain For You 

We all want to challenge ourselves when skiing or snowboarding. However, there is a difference between challenge and danger. It’s important to know your limits as this will affect your safety and that of those around you.  

2. The Right of Way 

When skiing or snowboarding, always be aware of your surroundings. On the mountain, those in front of you have the right of way. To avoid any bumps make sure to give riders enough space, and if you’re going faster than them, pass them wide.  

3. Stop at the Side 

Pistes can become busy in peak season. If you’re stopping on a slope for any reason, make sure to move to the side of the piste to make room for others on the crowded slopes.  

4. Politeness 

‘Treat others how you want to be treated’ goes for any scenario in life, including on the mountain. Whether in a café, on a chair lift or racing down a slope, always be aware of others and mindful of their feelings. 

At Oneskee, we believe that the slopes are for everyone. That’s why we have snow suits and ski accessories guaranteed to any snow-lovers taste. Whether you’re a skier or snowboarder, you have the same amount of priority out on the mountain. As a brand who loves both snowboarding and skiing, we think it's time the rivalry ended.  


Writer and expert
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