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Abbi Wiltse

Snowboarding is in Abbi’s blood, she’s being doing it since she could walk and had one of the best teachers around.

Youtube @dotdotmaroo

Vital Stats

Name: Abbi Wiltse
Age: 18
Base/resort: Mt. Baker Ski Area

An Interview with Abbi Wiltse

  • Ski or Snowboard
  • What started you/what inspired you to start skiing/snowboarding
    What started me to snowboard, was my dad Wade Wiltse. Ever since I was a baby he had me on a snowboard.
  • How would you describe yourself as a rider
    Too me, I would describe myself as a rider as outgoing, overly excited, when I’m up on that mountain riding I feel at home.
  • What are your future plans
    My future plans are definitly to stay riding as long as possible in life, and obviously finish college and finish my GED. And search for a job that I love.
  • Powder, Piste or Park?
    Powder. When I’m out in the powder I feel so at home, I love how fast I can go out in back-country, I also like parks because I enjoy jibbing off of things.
  • What hardware will you be riding this season
    I’ll be repping my oneskee suit of course! And I have a pair of thirtytwo boots. And my board is a GNU.
  • If you could travel anywhere to snowboard/ski where would it be?
    If i could snowboard anywhere I wanted, I would wanna go to chile with my dad this summer.
  • Describe your worst stack
    My worst crash has too be when i tried doing a backflip and didnt fully commit to it and landed on my tailbone./or when I was little(like able to walk)  I used to ride with a leash and the person I rode with that day took the leash off of me and I crashed into a tree, got a super black eye.
  • And your proudest achievement on the slopes
    My proudest achievements on the slopes has to be doing over the rope jump and landing and riding out.
  • Who inspires you
    Well, my dad’s been hard on me about snowboarding since I was little, he always wanted me to ride at my full potential and I have been trying. My dad and his friends Nate, Jeremy Dubbs, Coon Head, Leif, Hank, and a couple others have inspired me to be where I am today.
  • What would you say to convince a friend who’d never tried snowboarding/skiing before to join you on the hill
    I dont have to convince anyone, all my friends wanna try anowboarding because they see dads videos of us snowboarding. They see how much fun we have.  But if I had to convince them I’d tell them, “if you enjoy snow, and wanna try snowboarding or skiing, try it, you only live once, why not live life too the fullest?”
  • Describe your perfect day
    My perfect day would definetly be getting up around 8am getting ready, driving up to Mt.Baker, stopping in Glacier on the way to get a dank coffee from the Wake N Bakery, and continuing my drive to the mountain. Putting my oneskee on because its super easy to put on, putting my boots on and running to the chair lift and getting on it and getting to the top just too buckle in and ride and feel the wind blow in my face as I’m mobbing down the slopes.
  • What would your superpower be
    My superpower would be to fly, I’ve always wanted to fly to get over my fear of heights.

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