Dan Rees - Oneskee Snowboard Brand Ambassador

Dan Rees


D.O.B: June 1974
HOME: Meribel / France
INSTAGRAM: daninmeribel
HEIGHT: 5’10” / 155cm
FIT: Baggy

An Interview with Dan Rees

  • Ski or Snowboard? 
  • Best spot at (base/resort)?
    DC area 43 for park/Mont Vallon for off piste (but don’t tell anyone!)
  • What started you/what inspired you to start skiing/snowboarding
    I have been surfing and skateboarding since a kid and it was a natural progression combining both of these sports.
  • How would you describe yourself as a rider?
    I like to think of myself as an all rounder. Happy in the park, cruising the piste or hiking and dropping off piste.
  • What are your future plans?
    Ride until my legs don’t work!
  • Powder, Piste or Park?
    Powder after a good snowfall and the sun comes out, until it’s tracked out. Park after that and piste to get to the Apres.
  • What hardware will you be riding this season?
    Neversummer Evo 154, Union contact pros
  • If you could travel anywhere to snowboard/ski where would it be?
    Would love to tour N. America. Ending up in AK with a private heli.
  • Describe your worst stack
    Getting swept off a cliff by a slide, bouncing of a rock at the bottom, breaking my shoulder blade and then being forced to get in a body bag to get down.
  • And your proudest achievement on the slopes
    Landing my first laid outback flip or putting down my first 900.
  • Who inspires you, or has had a big impact on you?
    Riders like Terje, JP, Devun, Scotty Stevens, Torstien… My biggest hero has to be Jeremy Jones.
  • What would you say to convince a friend who’d never tried snowboarding/skiing before to join you on the hill?
    “Look how much fun I’m having. It’s the best way to get down a mountain!”
  • Describe your perfect day
    Big snowfall the night before, sunshine and fresh tracks in the morning,  lunch with my wife and then riding the park with friends until it’s time to Apres!
  • What would your superpower be?
  • Who would you allow to play the part of you in a film about your life?
    Oh, I don’t know… I guess Brad Pitt looks most like me…

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