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Felix Lai

Beach bum turned skier Felix is a qualified ski instructor with a passion for sharing his love for the sport. You can follow Felix on his worldwide adventures at https://makefriendsonapowderday.com


Vital Stats

Name: Felix Lai
Age: 40
Years Riding:  14
Base/resort: Furano, Japan

An Interview with Felix Lai

  • What got you into the sport?
    The crappy UK winter.
  • How would you describe yourself as a skier
    A powder hungry cliff dropper
  • What will be keeping you busy this season
    Back country guiding in Japan, Filming a back country ski film Iceland 2017
  • Powder, Piste or Park?
    Powder, powder, powder!
  • What hardware will you be riding this season
    Nordica Patron (like a boss)
  • Ultimate ski destination
  • Had any bad stacks?
    Landed a 540, switching back before next kicker tripped and trapped the pole between my knees (Bent Pole 1:0 Knee)
  • Produest achievement
    My self produced film – Summit to Sea (Rishiri)
  • What are the days you live for
    Blue bird backcountry powder day making fresh lines all day.
  • Who would love to see play your part in a film
    Donald Trump!

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