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Mark Simmons

I am a proud native of Colorado. I grew up with the mountains of the continental divide as my backdrop and soon after finishing my studies, moved up to Winter Park where I currently reside. I have always been attached to the outdoors and skiing has become a greater focus of mine ever since I moved and got a job as a Winter Park/Mary Jane Ski Patroller. I thought I was a well-rounded skier, but until you can ski a 40-pound bundle of bamboo and rope through unconsolidated variable snow, you just aren’t that good!

When the snows melt and the post-season reality of no more work sets in, I head for the woods. Last summer, I was lucky enough to spend 148 days backpacking the 2,660 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada. It was an incredible trek and I gained a new respect for the Sierra and Cascade Mountain Ranges. There is some incredible terrain out west, but I still think the Rocky Mountains are where it’s at. The round of photos here are from what I am fortunate enough to call my backyard. From the top of Berthoud Pass, you have an incredible amount of terrain and a panoramic view of the Continental Divide. These shots are from May 21, 2016. The snow is disappearing quickly, but when there are still turns to be made, you can’t pass them up.

I am excited to be a part of the Oneskee team and I am looking forward to showing everyone what kind of skiing Colorado has to offer.

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