Technical Hoodies - Waterproof Finish

Something is happening in the world of ski clothing – Waterproof hoodies are replacing the traditional ski jackets. Read more


You can buy DWR hoodies, and others that feel like you’re going scuba diving on your sofa, but why would you do that when you can purchase hoodies with a water repellent finish and a super soft hand feel.


Our range of hoodies feel amazing inside and out, and people are amazed when we do the water test and it just chucks off the water. Look, these hoodies will not keep you dry if it rains all day or your rolling around in powder off piste, but they are great all season round when the weather is changeable and you are more fussed about feeling super comfy all day. They will fend off a good down pour.


They also look amazing – so get yourself a waterproof hoodie or two for your next winter holiday. They are a game changer. And just as great off resort back in your normal lives. If you are lucky enough to live in a ski area why would you buy any other hoodie.


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