Women's Mystery Box - Oneskee Casual Bundle - Warehouse Clearance Sale

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WE’RE MOVING….(to a new warehouse)!

We’ve outgrown our current place & it’s time to move on. Whilst packing up, we stumbled across a selection of casual bits & bobs from down the years that were too good to leave behind, so we’ve created some mystery boxes worth over £200 RRP each, with no exceptions! Each box includes*

- x3 Heavyweight items (hoodies & sweatshirts)
- x3 Lightweight items (tees & vests).

(We love oversized clothing, so fully expect lots of oversized fit garments!)

*Some boxes may contain fewer lightweight and more heavyweight than shown above, and vice versa.

VERY LIMITED OFFER. Approx only 20 boxes of 'never to be seen again' designs available to purchase! The styles and colours may vary from those shown in the image. The image shows some of the included designs, but not all designs will be included in every box, and there are over 50 designs in addition to those shown.

*Sizing may vary from product to product, due to the oversize style of various items. Some of the tees are longline so are considerably larger than others even though the stated size remains the same.

**As this is a very special offer, there are no returns or changes accepted.