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Size Guide - Women - Leopard Puffer

Women's Size Guide - Leopard Puffer

The fit of our snow suits is a defining feature of our style and brand identity. Our suits are designed for comfort and performance.

Your height and body shape will effect the overall fit and look of the suit - if you are unsure on which size is best for you, please contact us at
 for further support. We can advise you based on your measurements as well as your style/fit preference.

Label Body (to fit) Height (Feet)
X-Small UK 6 Up to 5'2''
S/M - Reg UK 8-10 Up to 5'4''
S/M - Long UK 8-10 Up to 5'8''
L/XL - Reg UK 12 Up to 5'4''
L/XL - Long UK 12 Up to 5'9''